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New York Post Daily Graphics Package

New York Post Daily Graphics Package

Part of my job as Director of Motion Graphics at NYP is to ensure an always-updated, easily-accessible graphics package for our editors. Since the newsroom is a fast-paced environment, I designed and implemented .mogrts into our post-production workflow so our team can publish breaking news videos as fast as possible with sleek and uniform graphics. The .mogrt library — plus various After Effects templates I created — introduced a new era of speed and efficiency to the video department, and I continue to use my deep knowledge of industry trends to keep the post-production workflow up to date.

The perks of the graphics package:

  • Created solely with Adobe tools

  • No After Effects skills required to use in a video

  • Built with restrictions to keep design beautiful, no matter the input from the editor

  • Easily modifiable to incorporate software updates

  • Effortlessly shared with freelancers, remote or in-house, with a Creative Cloud account

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