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New York Post Daily Graphics Package

New York Post Daily Graphics Package

Backstory: Working as a video editor in a media organization, I realized the time and energy our team spent making and exporting graphics in After Effects was weighing down our productivity. Our team goal was to publish breaking news videos as fast as possible, and to have all graphics look sleek and uniform no matter the editor. Presented with this challenge, I designed a modifiable, easy-to-swallow graphics package for the Premiere editor, eliminating After Effects from the picture and introducing a new era of speed and efficiency to the video department.

The perks of the graphics package:

  • Created solely with Adobe tools

  • Entirely editable in Premiere

  • Built with restrictions to keep design beautiful, no matter the input from the editor

  • Easily modifiable to incorporate software updates

  • Effortlessly shared with freelancers, remote or in-house, with a Creative Cloud account

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