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Maple has been fantastic to work with. The motion design work I do can be both creative and technical, but she is always able to keep up and clearly communicate her direction. Her deep understanding of motion graphics also enables her to plan project schedules based on their complexity, which is very helpful to me as a freelancer.

Jake Bartlett, Animator & Teacher

Maple has been a fantastic producer & collaborator. She’s professional yet approachable, a responsive and clear communicator, and her deadlines are always realistic.

Nicholas Nykamp, Senior Editor & Animator

I've had the pleasure of working with Maple on several projects, each of which was a delightfully professional, yet personal and inviting experience. Whether we had a tight deadline or a little room to breath, Maple always managed to give us designers and animators the room we craved to create and explore while still keeping us in line with the goal of the project. I've had the good fortune of working with many talented people across the motion industry, but when I see an email come in from Maple inquiring about a new project, I do everything in my power to make it happen. I know this is true for other artists she's worked with as well and I believe it's a testament to the thoroughness, hard work, and soft touch she brings to any project she's leading.

— Jordan Bergren, Motion Designer

As a freelance motion designer, Maple is a true pleasure to work with. Her clear and concise communication show her expert knowledge of motion design and ability to bring a piece together. She has a clear vision and she is able to communicate and organize to bring that vision life. Maple's feedback is easy to understand and implement as she knows motion design terminology and techniques so intimately. On top of that, she makes me feel like a valued part of the process and expresses her gratitude often. I'm happy to work with her anytime!

Hannah Guay, Motion Designer

Freelancing and producing Page Six quality content is easy with Maple. Her background in design and animation makes my role much easier to understand. She is clear, quick, and delivers constructive feedback so that continuous improvement is a constant. She has really made an effort to set a schedule that works for everyone, and as a freelancer that is a huge relief. And anyone who has worked with Maple knows how much she contributes to making any environment a fun place to work.

Harshman Singh, Motion Designer

When I need a project done impeccably, on-time, and and on-budget — I assign it to Maple. She nails it every time! In her time working at the NY Post she single-handedly created a motion graphics and VFX department from nothing. She’s the first piece of any team I’d look to put together for a video project, no matter what the subject matter is.

— Alex Mamlet, Director of Production and Development, New York Post Video

I am floored by the creativity Maple has added to NY Post videos. She's become an essential part of the production process. Give Maple a video, let her work her magic, and you're always left with a better product. I'm also impressed by her ability to manage multiple projects at once, delegate direction to an animation team, and consistently deliver top-notch work under heavy deadline constraints. As I've told her many times, "I'm so glad you exist." 

— Steven Greenstreet, DP/ Documentarian